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The Beginners Guide To A Skincare Routine

Natural beauty tips for taking care of your skin

Yashika Arora & Sonika Kochar Ahuja
July 29, 2020
There are plethora of products in the market that can promise radiance, hydration, skin brightening, and perfection. But are packed with plenty of harmful chemicals and elegant covers to look "Fair and Lovely ". Though you cannot completely wave it off from your shelves ,But can choose your product more wisely and smartly . These beauty hacks will not only give natural glow to your skin but will be pocket friendly and easy to make at home . Natural beauty tips 1) Hydrate yourself keeping yourself hydrated is the first and foremost hack for a glowing looking skin . Drink at least 3 litres of water a day . Be it any kind of water infused , detox water , lemon . Hydration is the key . 2) Apply Homemade Masks Try making homemade masks according to your skin type at home. For Dry Skin Milk And Honey Mix together one tablespoons of each Milk and honey . Apply the mix on clean and dry skin . Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Your skin will look softer and brighter . For Oily Skin Gram Flour and Rose Water Mix two tablespoons of each Gram flour and Rose water . (You can also add aloe vera gel to make it more rich) Keep it for good 15- 20 minutes, and rinse it off . It will give instant glow to the dull looking and oily skin. For Spots And Blemishes Sandalwood Powder And Rose Water Mix together two tablespoons of each , apply on your face for 15 minutes and rinse it off with water Sandalwood powder has skin lightening and brightening properties making your skin look spotless. For Acute Acne Potato Take two or three potatoes , peel it off and grate it .Add one tablespoon of aloe vera gel to it . Apply on your face and leave it to dry . After 20-25 minutes rinse it off with tepid water. Potatoes also has anti ageing properties which can gently exfoliate your skin. 3) Moisturise your Skin daily It is very important to hydrate your skin well so after washing face , you can always apply natural moisturiser which you can get from your kitchen shelf i.e. Olive oil , Aloe vera gel , Yoghurt, Almond oil , papaya . 4) A Good Night Sleep According to some researchers there’s a link between your sleep and glowing skin . If your skin is looking dull then you you need to watch your sleeping patterns .Therefor a good night sleep will not provide the glow but will also improve’s Skin elasticity and strength . 5)And Lastly Don't Forget to Sweat it out Sweating not only increases circulation but flushes out toxins which helps in detoxification. Therefore it will help your Skin look healthy and fresh . So make sure you sweat it out for that extra Flawless skin.
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