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Self healing is not at all complicated, it happens in a variety of ways

Yashika Arora & Sugandha Arora
September 16, 2020
The human body is made to “heal”. We have witnessed our body’s ability to heal itself each time when we become ill, fighting some disease or whenever physical injury occurs in our body. Medications, surgery, and other supplements may also help and support body’s healing system in fighting illness or injuries but it is your body that finally must heal it self. However A healthy body can fight all the physical illnesses effectively and can utilise the body’s energy in natural healing processes. Turning our body’s energy into healing process can truly change our lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A healthy lifestyle and feeling of well being keeps our spirits and energy high which can be tuned into natural self healing mechanism whenever required. Therefore maintaining and restoring body’s health is very important for natural healing process. Physical or health problems can effect the mind and emotions as the mind and emotions can cause physical symptoms. Proper use of your mind tools can help your internal system to function better and heal you faster and more thoroughly. If a person is mentally and emotionally sound he can balance his physical health as well. What is self healing? Nature has given us the power to heal our self. We just need to look within. Self healing involves our mind, body, spirit and soul in making wise choices to guide our mind and body to speed up the healing process and make it complete. Self healing is not at all complicated our body is capable of self healing in so many ways to heal our self. If you ever want to balance and increase your self healing capabilities first of all clear all the negative thoughts and self doubts from your mind. Connect with your self and start practising following. 1. Heal painful past memory. 2. Heal insecurities. 3. Heal present issues. 4. Heal inner self image 5. Heal unwanted thought. 6. Heal inner fears and phobia 7. Heal inner conflicts. Life is very simple what we give out we get back. The universe totally supports us in every thought we think and believe. Diseases comes from feeling of unforgetfulness and unforgiveness. Mental cleaning is important. Healing is replacing the limitation caused by negative thoughts and replacing it with self love. Self healing is the path that channels the energy wasted in negative emotion and focusing it on treating the illness and its symptoms. In nutshell our thoughts and belief shape our lives and self love is key to self healing. With the right mental work we can turn around or create positive outcomes in any area we desire. We have to balance relationship between mind and body and limit thoughts belief and negative emotions. The main idea is if we are ready to do our mental work then we can heal anything. Our body perceives things from visual audio and kinesthetic senses. We delete few memories but some of the memories we store in our subconscious mind. Painful memories release bad hormone adrenaline, whenever we remember that incidence we release same amount of hormone. Best thing is to wash off bad memories and feed good memories in our mind. How to heal your self? 1. Taking control of your health. Giving priority to health and eat healthy food. 2. Be responsible for yourself. 3. Doing 45mns of exercises is a must. 4. Releasing suppressed emotion. It’s OK to cry. Let it go should be mantra of life. 5. Increase positive emotions with the help of affirmations music books and dance. 6. Plant a tree and take care of it. 7. Meditate yog nidra and chant mantra. 8. Follow your intuition. Intuition is the message from higher self. 9. Deepen your spiritual connections. Read Gita or other holy books. Listen to holy chantings, spiritual songs, mantra’s or bhajans and thank god for what you have. 10. Have a strong reason to live. 11. Develop a hobby, write a book or paint something. 12. Embrace social support. Live in company of positive people, be friends with them, spend time with them. 13. Try water experiment. Bless water before consuming it. 14. Increase self belief. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Strengthen your thoughts. 15. Love yourself. Accept yourself who you are. Pamper yourself. 16. Pray daily to supreme power. Thank the universe. 17. Practice mirror exercise .Looking in the eyes in the mirror say your name and say I love myself and believe in myself.
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