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It is feeling of well being and joy. In one word we can describe it as glee or pleasure. It is feeling of gratification, satisfaction and well being.

jyoti bala
October 15, 2020
It is feeling of well being and joy. In one word we can describe it as glee or pleasure. It is feeling of gratification, satisfaction and well being. Positive emotions which comes through our pleasurable activities is understood as happiness in general. But can we define happiness? Is it just a state of being happy! Joy!! Satisfaction!! Or more? Everyone seeks happiness, actually almost our every action, activity and goals in life are motivated by the desire to find happiness, to live in piece and enjoy life. You may find happiness in good food, travel, watching a movie a show, partying, sex, buying property, car, good clothes, jewelry and so many other things, but the big question is do you feel happy after getting these things? You may have pleasure and fun, you may find temporary happiness and inner piece but true happiness comes from within you. In a more broad understanding the presence of positive emotions and the absence of negative emotions and sadness is referred as Happiness. Sadness comes when person has big ego, jealousy, lack of time management more social problems, bad health and when a person is more inspired by social media jealousy comparison and when the ego is bigger than universe. Try to change the way you look at life and try to be more positive and optimistic and look at the bright side of life. Every time negative thoughts or feelings or sadness comes into your mind, just relax and look at the good and positive side of every situation to arise happiness and to hold it for long, because happiness is a journey not a destination and there is no better time to be happy than now. There are three types of happiness 1. Pleasure in worldly things: These people find happiness in outer world. There is demand for more and demand leads to inevitable pain we feel immense pleasure but for short period. Body releases Serotonin and Dopamine hormones These people have animal extinct in them. 2. Joy: It is type of happiness from within. People feel happy for no reason. They have refined desires. Happiness comes from inner world. People feel joy in service to mankind, social interaction, and religious meetings. This type of happiness is also not permanent. Body releases oxytocin and vasopressin hormones. 3. Bliss: It is the highest state of happiness. Our consciousness becomes identified with universal consciousness. It is a permanent meditative state and fully awake. This type of happiness comes when you are part of great achievement or something bigger than yourself. Person feels complete bliss, feeling of pleasure, relaxed and stress free. Body releases hormones GABA endorphins. Here are few interesting facts about happiness that helps in improving your over all body health Happiness improves • Hypertension • Pain • Asthma • Skin disorders • Migraines • Depression • Allergies • sleep problems • Constipation • over weight Tips to create happiness There are few simple tips you can follow to fill happiness in your life 1. Eat right We have to take balanced diet. Drink plenty of water. Cut tea and coffee. Take proper minerals and vitamins. 2. Yoga and exercises Meditation yoga and massage releases good hormones and alleviate happiness. 3. Smile It is the magical key to happiness. It solves many problems and wins many battles. 4. Laugh frequently Laugh at yourself not others. Laugh from the core of the heart. Learn to laugh at own mistakes and bad situations. 5. Adopt activities Adopt activities like arts dance traveling reading gardening photography. 6. Music It releases stress and anxiety, alleviate depression, improves cognitive function, increases concentration, reduces insomnia keeps to motivate and relaxes the soul. 7. Enjoy your day Count your blessings, give and forgive, stop comparing and criticizing, start sharing helping and loving. Win anger by forgiveness and conquer ego by politeness and greed by charity. 8. Virtues Practice gratitude. Appreciate tiny things. Forgiveness the key mantra. Adopt kindness and compassion. Accept who you are. 9. Thoughts We become what we think. We make our own world with our own thoughts. Thoughts can be our biggest enemy or biggest friend so think accordingly. 10. Religion It opens doors for unending happiness and everlasting pleasure. Spiritual reading and chanting are the gateway to spiritual bliss. Satsang meditation prayers and taps also help in regaining bliss. Basic Mantra Is to search for happiness inside us not in outside world. In real world one has to lose something to gain something. It is feeling of satisfaction and simple pleasure. To feel contentment in life. Perfect happiness comes when you are enlightened from within.
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