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Eight vows for perfect fusion!!

Marriages are made in heaven but restored on earth....!!!

jyoti bala
October 23, 2020
Marriages are made in heaven but restored on earth. It is an institution which nourishes in love, trust and care. There are laws customs religion and beliefs. Each custom has different promises or vows to make. In Hinduism there are seven vows or promises to make. Nowadays for perfect marriage one should follow the eighth vows. Eight Vows Marriage is bonding between two individual and relationship between two families. Two different individuals come together and live in relationship. Marriage is love, caring and sharing of responsibilities. It makes relationship complete. Couples discover new dimensions and there is fulfillment and happiness in life. There are different cultures and ceremonies associated with marriage in which whole community or society is involved. There is lifelong commitment and responsibility for the entire family. Marriage ceremonies include rituals and rites which opens the door of fortune for the couple. Offering of gift from both sides. some customs are common but there is marked variation in cultures. custom are completed with exchange of rings and garland. In the last taking oath around fire and in seeking blessings of the elderly. For successful marriage there is something beyond seven vows The necessity is to make relationship meaningful fulfilling companionate and healthy. One should work together achieving goals and challenges should be faced smilingly. Honesty should be priority. You should feel loved and emotionally dependent on each other. one should be free to express feelings. There should not be any degradation and humiliation. Don’t expect too much or maintain pressure on each other. Connection with friends and other family members should be maintained and each one partner should develop one hobby. Spending time face to face It is very important to talk regularly looking into the eyes of each other. This makes the relation new for longer period of time. Talking about sweet memories of past. Trying new and exciting things together such as going to a new restaurant or trying new cuisine. It may be a forest walk anything you have never tried before. Both partners need attention and spending time face to face gives the relation good ignition. It’s more real than plastic or virtual world. It should be done on regular basis and main focus should be on building connection between two souls. One can sit together for a cup of tea or over a breakfast or dance /yoga class or evening walks. Bringing unexpected gifts and cooking something fancy. Good communication Good communication is very essential between partners. For healthy relationship it’s must. When there is good communication between partners there is emotional support and good connection. Communication skills are required for good relations. To express in acceptable manner is very important that increases understanding among the couples. It closes the doors of misunderstanding and resentment. It’s good to tell. What you need is to avoid confusions and make life happier and pleasureful. Body language Through body language one can build relations. Eye contact, posture, tone of voice, touching hand, communication skill, hugging, kissing forehead. Smiling at each other are important aspects. Keep sending positive vibes to each other. Understand nonverbal cues. Taking interest in your partner’s conversation that makes him feel special. Maintain good emotional connection between couples is important. It helps to manage stress in partners. Make sure to calm your couple when having anxiety or stress. Avoid misunderstanding as quickly as possible. Be affectionate. It releases hormone oxytocin and increases bonding. Taking couple time is very important even if kids don’t leave you. End your day with sitting together or holding hands. Give what you can Give what you can and don’t expect anything in return this is the basis of healthy relationship. Expectation leads to negative emotions and it ruins the relationship from beginning. Do what is really important for your partner, recognize the needs and fulfill the requirement. The goal should be to build healthy relationship. There should not be any lose win situation. Don’t degrade your partner in fact let her or him feel cozy. Be respectful for other persons point of view and emotions and always be ready to forgive. Live in present Don’t focus on past issues and arguments. Firstly and foremostly try to avoid the conflicts. Deal with present situation and solve it completely. If you are not able to solve it choose to move on and engage yourself to in some work and try to forget it. Never argue on baseless issues. Respect your partner don’t play blame games. Take a moment to calm down before starting the argument. If at all you need counseling go for it!! never hesitate to take help from family and friends. Be open to change. Change helps you to grow and makes you better person. It also increases bonding between couples. Stay in love It is important to stay in love. A health and romantic relationship for long can take good and bad times easily. Do something to make relation active and make meaningful relationship. Some individuals emphasis more on children and work rather than giving importance to the partner, but that may ruin the relationship. Instead balance your time and give priority to your partner. Focus on values of your partner take new challenges and most importantly help each other in stress and anxiety. Do something unexpected for your partner. Ups and Downs There are ups and downs in every relationship. There are losses, stress, job pressure, health problems and financial issue which can affect your partner. It can lead to anger and frustration and short temperament. Responding to these issues makes a difference, healthy ways should be taken out to solve difficult situations in life otherwise slow poison of differences will start effecting the relations. Move together and handle in your own way and resolve the differences as soon as possible. Be open to change. It will help you to compact the situation and to grow stronger. Trust in partners is very important.
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